Simply speaking - in German
the completely different language course

Lern German with the PDL method:
Intensive language holidays or language weekends in beautiful rural surroundings and German Intensive classes in Berlin for beginners and advanced speakers

You learn and at the same time have a lot of fun in a refreshing and lively way.
You experience the language with all your senses with the linguistic dramaturgy.
You are promoted individually.
You learn at your own pace.
You progress quickly.
You learn specific situations of your everyday life.

Does that appeal to you? Then one of Sprachatelier-Deutsch’s German courses is for you.


At Sprachatelier-Deutsch you learn German with the PDL method. The method has been specially developed for teaching adults. There is no textbook. Instead, varied activities ensure a relaxed and intensive learning atmosphere. Working in a small group and in a pleasant atmosphere encourages free and spontaneous speaking. I adjust myself individually to your level as a learner and your learning rhythm. Through individual and group exercises, you will develop your feeling for the language, your attention to the peculiarities of the German language and your ability to express yourself orally.  Experiencing the language together in the group helps to reduce impediments about speaking the foreign language and increases self-confidence. The focus is on having fun and enjoying speaking. You don’t cram vocabulary, but communicate and interact – in German. From the very first moment, you develop your ability to express yourself in German.

Language acquisition is an experience full of joie of life and creativity, involving all the senses.

Simply register or contact me for further information.

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Deutsch lernen ganz anders, mit Resonanz!

German intensive courses in Berlin

22.-26.04.2023    Registration

14.-18.10.2024    Registration


Class times:

Monday til Friday
9 am – 4.30 pm

Group size

7 – 12 participants


450 €-515€

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